Rules and Regulations for Shareholders of AFK Robotics:

AFK Robotic Vehicles, Inc. values its shareholders and strives to maintain transparency and fairness in all shareholder-related transactions. To ensure a smooth and equitable process for buying and selling shares in our company, we have established the following rules and regulations:

1. Share Return to the Company (Cancelletion):  

Shareholders have the right to sell their purchased shares back to AFK Robotics at any time.

2. Purchase Cancellation:

Shareholders have a 30-day window to cancel their share purchase without incurring any charges or fees.

3. Transaction Fees:

For subsequent share sale requests of up to 1000 USD, a deduction of 9% will be made to cover transaction and bank commission fees.

For share sales of 1000 USD or more, a deduction of 13% will be applied.

4. Processing Time:

The average processing time for share sale requests is 15 business days.

5. Ownership and Sale Restrictions:

Shares purchased are registered exclusively in the shareholder's name and cannot be sold to third parties.

Shares for which identity and address information cannot be confirmed will not be eligible for refunds.

6. New Share Offers:

AFK Robotics may periodically extend offers to existing shareholders for the purchase of new shares or the repurchase of existing shares.

7. Reporting to Regulatory Authorities:

In compliance with regulatory requirements, AFK Robotics will notify the US Stock Exchange and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of all stock purchases at the end of each quarter.

8. Share Certificate Tracking:

Shareholders will have the ability to track their share certificate numbers conveniently online through the AFK Robotics website. Personal identity information will be kept confidential.

9. Shareholder Benefits for Significant Investments:

Shareholders who invest 10,000 USD or more will receive several benefits:
Access to online share status and share value information.
Quarterly financial reports about the company.
A 10% purchase discount in the next investment round.

AFK Robotics, Inc. believes that these rules and regulations will help maintain fairness and transparency in all shareholder activities. We are committed to providing valuable benefits to our shareholders, especially those who make significant investments in our company.

Please note that these rules are subject to change, and shareholders will be notified of any updates or amendments as they occur. We encourage shareholders to review this information periodically and reach out to our shareholder services team for any clarifications or assistance.

We appreciate your trust and investment in AFK Robotics, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial and successful journey together.