The Importance of Home Security

In today's world, the safety of your home is paramount. Smart home systems offer an unprecedented level of convenience and security, integrating advanced technology to protect your family and property. Our surveillance robot is designed to be a pivotal part of your smart home ecosystem, providing real-time monitoring and response to potential threats.

The Future of Home Security

Protect your home with cutting-edge technology and modern design. Our surveillance robot is your first line of defense, providing reliable, 24/7 monitoring. Experience peace of mind with a solution that’s as intelligent as it is stylish.

Revolutionize Your Home Security with Smart Surveillance
Designed for outdoor environments, our multifunctional surveillance robot combines advanced technology with a sleek, modern design. Perfect for monitoring front and backyards, it ensures the security of your home with unparalleled efficiency.

Length: 20 inches
Width: 12 inches
Height: 12 inches

4 off-road wheels for all-terrain navigation
360-degree rotation capability

Body Design:
Inverted half-prism shape with oval edges
Four-sided upper section housing cameras, sensors, and LED lighting
Sleek, black glass panels for a futuristic look

Advanced Surveillance Features

360-Degree Security Camera:
Our robot is equipped with a 360-degree rotating dome camera for comprehensive surveillance.

Lidar and Motion Detection Sensors:
Integrated lidar and motion sensors ensure accurate detection of any movement around your property.

LED Lighting:
Red and green LEDs are strategically placed at the junction of the body and wheels for clear visibility and alerts.

Minimalist and Futuristic Design:
The combination of grey plastic and black glass panels creates a modern, space-like appearance that blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior.

Enhance Your Home with Smart Features

Remote Control and Monitoring:
Effortlessly manage your security robot via phone or tablet applications. Schedule patrols, monitor real-time footage, and receive alerts directly to your device.

Closed-Circuit Operation:
In case of a network disconnection, the robot continues to operate and record activities in a closed-circuit mode, ensuring uninterrupted security.

Task Scheduling:
Set specific patrol routes and times for your robot, optimizing its surveillance capabilities to fit your needs.

GPS and 5G Connectivity:
Equipped with a GPS antenna and 5G network access, the robot provides precise location tracking and seamless communication.

Facial and Object Recognition:
Built-in AI technology allows the robot to recognize faces and objects, enhancing its ability to identify potential threats.